9 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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Halloween is upon us (yay!). In the midst of giant bowls of candy and costumed parties, we’ve got your back with nine of this week’s must-read stories
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The 46 Healthiest Companies to Work For in America
While some people are trapped in cubicles, their muscles and souls slowly deteriorating, other employees stay happy, healthy, and fit all day long. These 46 companies prove there’s no place like work. 

Greatist’s ‘Parcel’ Box Takes Guesswork Out of Healthy
We’re sending Greatist straight to your door with Parcel — a brand spankin’ new monthly subscription box chock full of the best products to help you find your healthy. 

Fart with Confidence with Shreddies, the Flatulence-Filtering Underwear
Farts got you down? Shreddies, a stink-neutralizing underwear, is bringing confidence back. 

Everything You Thought You Knew About Multivitamins Is Wrong
Find out if you should be popping “healthy” pills, or if they could be causing more harm than good. 

#WTF Is Intermittent Fasting?
Fasting is becoming a popular way to live, but still super controversial. Is not eating for long periods of time actually healthy?

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10 Kick-Ass Moves to Train Like a Champion
Try these really simple, super intense exercises that will optimize any exercise regime — in or out of the ring. 

Fitness App Cody Lets You Choose the Internet’s Best Workouts
First released in March to rave reviews, the app’s latest update will greatly enhance social sharing. 

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How Leaving Your Dream Job (Even Pro-Surfing) Can Make a World of Change
As a pro surfer, Jon Rose traveled all over the world. Virtually everywhere he went, Rose noticed communities in need. So he started his own charity, Waves for Water. 

The Social Media Fast, Week Two (or, Cheaters Never Prosper)
Sometimes, a slip-up can provide important insights, both positive and negative. Learn what a one-night social media binge taught me. 

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