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Fall Favorites: Corduroy Pants And Blazers

Email sent: Sep 4, 2013 11:09 am
Learn Your Cords
Once favoured by the aristocracy, corduroy eventually gained popularity during the Industrial Revolution due to its warm, durable properties. Today corduroy has found it's groove as a stylish, go-anywhere staple. From Woody Allen to Fantastic Mr. Fox, stylish gents of all sorts have worn corduroy.
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The Cloth Of Kings
The name was said to have come from the French "cord du roi" meaning the cloth of the king. This turned out to be a myth. But, that doesn't mean corduroy isn't luxurious. Our plush cotton corduroy blazers and pants keep things sharp and modern.
Burnside Corduroy Blazer
Francis Corduroy Blazer
Baldwin Corduroys
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Corduroy In Detail
Not the country, but the fabric's ribs per inch. A low wale count means thicker ribs (i.e. suits from the 70s), while the opposite starts to look like velvet. We've met in the middle for a more modern look.
Peak Or Notch
The notch lapel on our Burnside blazer will never go out of style, but the peak lapelled Francis will help you stand out from the crowd.

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