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Email sent: Feb 10, 2014 11:24 am
American Red Cross
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Will you be there today?
Make a monthly gift of $10 or more today and receive this free special edition pin!
Dear Friend,

Life can change in an instant – in the time it takes for a smoke detector to go off or to pick up the phone, your world can be turned upside down.

Thankfully, there are Red Cross Champions: a special group of donors who give monthly to ensure that much needed relief and help can go to those who need it the most. Red Cross Champions are always there.

Champions truly are an amazing community of committed Red Cross supporters. As someone who has helped us be there for families in the past, will you consider becoming one of our Red Cross Champions today?

We’re just a few hours away from our deadline. Become a Red Cross Champion by midnight tonight by making a monthly gift of just $10 or more >> You could be the one to help us reach our goal of 1,000 supporters today! Why 1,000? The Red Cross responds to nearly 1,000 emergencies across the country every week. Having the sustained support of 1,000 individuals like you helps us ensure the relief is constant.

As a Red Cross Champion, you’ll join an extraordinary group of supporters. You can feel good knowing that your ongoing monthly support helps us in all areas of our work. From providing relief during disasters to supporting military families in crises, to making sure that lifesaving blood is available to hospitals all over the country and training neighbors in your community before an emergency strikes – your gift means that the Red Cross never stops.

Please, we truly need you as a Champion in the coming year. There’s no telling what might come our way, but with the support of our Champions, I’m confident we’ll be prepared to respond.

Help us reach our 1,000 Champion goal by midnight tonight.

We’re so grateful for your support.

Gail McGovern Sincerely,

Gail McGovern
President and CEO, American Red Cross
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