11 Kristen Suzannes Easy Raw Recipe Ebooks - Vegan
11 Kristen Suzannes Easy Raw Recipe Ebooks - Vegan

We Flew to Italy During Covid-19 🛩 🇮🇹

Email sent: Aug 24, 2020 8:48am
Hello friends!

I am happy to report that I'm writing this email to you from my new home in Italy. We made it! Finally!

It was a long journey with four airports and three flights (Delta and KLM), and wearing masks for almost 23 hours door-to-door, but here we are... in the land of Spritz, pizza, and Etruscan ruins. 

If you'd like more details on the long trip, the kinds of masks we wore to protect ourselves (and others!), how the airlines handled mask enforcement (or didn't!), and whether they served coffee, then hop on over to my blog here.

One thing I didn't mention on the blog post I just linked to above was that when we arrived in Italy, because we came from the USA, we weren't not permitted to use public transportation. So we hired a car and driver to bring us from the airport in Rome to the medieval hilltop village we now call home. 

It was better for us this way anyway, because we were traveling with multiple backpacks, purses, and four huge, heavy luggage (collagen protein powder, anyone? I had things I wanted to bring here, including my special talisman writing mug.) I would not have wanted to attempt the trains with so much stuff!

You see, when we left to travel the world as digital nomads back in 2018, we only brought enough things to fill a backpack each and one suitcase. We didn't anticipate settling down anywhere. We did however plan to get Italian dual citizenship in the process to give us access to all of Europe. 

But we fell in love with Italy and decided to set down some roots. So, now we have a home here and that meant I could bring both my red rain boots and tall Italian leather boots I had back in the states. Oh, and my chef knives! (Noteworthy: I was able to use my Italian passport for the first time upon entering Europe!) 

Since arriving in Italy my sleep schedule has been jacked, in spite of massive preparation stateside before I left. I'm all better now though (4 espressos a day will do that to you), and I'm finally back to work. 

The first few days consisted of getting our things out of Italian storage (this door-to-door storage company is so cool: BOX OK), and I've ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon. Our apartment is furnished but I needed another desk, an office chair, an Instant Pot, and many, many other things. (I will share pictures of our apartment soon!)

When we arrived we had to agree to a two-week self-quarantine and we're almost half-way through it. I don't mind it as I have wonderful people (including our landlords) bringing us food, and after taking the time to sleep and get the apartment set up, I'm ready to work!

So! Today, I'm back to work full-time. I'm finishing up edits for my sixth steamy romance novel, Count on Me. That will be available on Amazon with a month.

Other updates for my romance novels (pen name Brisa Starr) is that the my 4th novel became available this week, Sweet as Pie!!!  (It's my mom's favorite so far. Yeah, she reads them, and yeah it was weird for a minute, but then I got over it.)

My 2nd steamy romance book, His Secret, is currently available for free download on NetGalley. You can sign up for the free service by following that link.

And my next exciting news is that my non-fiction title I've been promising everyone since February, Coffee Self-Talk, will finally be available on Amazon this week! Party time!!!

I hope you're all happy, safe, and healthy! Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to. It's the main reason I started this email "newsletter."



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