125 Kettlebell Workouts
125 Kettlebell Workouts

The challenging exercise I use with all my clients

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The Split Squat

The split squat or static lunge is one of the best lower body exercises for the legs, buttocks and hips.

One big surprise of the split squat is just how cardiovascular the movement is without the need to even move your feet.

When I start training a new client the split squat is one of the first exercises I work on.

The beauty of this lower body exercise is the flexibility you have to load the movement.

Here are a 5 loading options in order of difficulty:

  1. bodyweight only
  2. one kettlebell held with two hands at chest height
  3. one kettlebell held down on the leg back side
  4. two kettlebells down by your sides
  5. two kettlebells up in the racked position

As the movement is not as dynamic as the stepping forward or reverse lunge you can control the foot position and leg angles which is critical for beginners.

The rear knee should come as close as possible to the floor to fully activate the buttocks and create a 90 degree angle at the front knee.

When it comes to adding muscle and condition to the legs the split squat is one of my go-to exercises due to the intense lower body overload you can generate.

The legs and buttocks have to work hard to stabilise the movement so there is no rest as the muscles are constantly ON. Compare this to squats and deadlifts where you get a rest at the top or bottom of each rep.

I use the split squat heavily during my new muscle building program for this exact reason, the muscles cannot escape intense activation.

For adding muscle you need to push your muscles to grow so I overload the movement with two kettlebells, one in each hand held down by your sides.

No matter what your experience everyone can benefit from this wonderful exercise.

Here's the Split Squat in one of my super-abbreviated workouts:

  • Split Squat - 8 each side
  • Clean & Press - 8 each side
  • Repeat for 3 - 5 sets

The above full body workout will surprise you. It is very cardiovascular and will activate most of the muscles in your body.

You can perform both the split squat and clean & press with either one kettlebell or two.

Run through 2 sets of lighter or bodyweight reps beforehand as a warm up.

Get the weights right so the last few reps of each set use some serious effort.

This is the only workout you will need to do today!

See all my kettlebell workout programs here

One kettlebell or two?

Everyone should begin by using just one kettlebell, an 8 or 12kg for women and a 12 or 16kg for men.

Master the basic movement patterns first, that means: goblet squats, single arm deadlifts, rows, get ups, then swings, cleans, presses and lunges.

Only once these are all done should you think about adding another kettlebell.

The split squat is the perfect exercise to begin with two kettlebells, one in each hand by your sides.

You can then move on to two kettlebell front squats, double overhead presses and double rows.

Save the more dynamic two kettlebell exercises until last, these include double swings, double clean & presses, and double thrusters.

An important rule to remember is that your body doesn't understand equipment it only does what it can to cope with the movement.

So whether you are using two kettlebells or one, providing the movement is challenging, your body will respond and adapt.

That's all for today my friend,

Take care of yourself and each other,


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Please consult with a medical professional before embarking on any of these workouts. If during any of these exercises you feel pain, then stop. Please listen to your body. Neither I, Greg Brookes, nor GB Personal Training Ltd can be held responsible for any injuries that may occur due to you following these workouts. These workouts are suggested as a guide only.

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