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A note from one of our founders - Don't Waste the Moment!

Quarantine life means a lot of different things for people. Perhaps you're now juggling work and homeschooling your kids. Or

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Quarantine life means a lot of different things for people. Perhaps you're now juggling work and homeschooling your kids. Or
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Quarantine life means a lot of different things for people. Perhaps you're now juggling work and homeschooling your kids. Or maybe work has slowed down for you and you're bored out of your mind. My husband and I are both working from our small cottage and are navigating how to use our family room as our combined office, dining room, tv room and occasionally a home gym! We've both needed to find ways to give ourselves and each other grace during this time, but we also want to look back on this anxious time with some fond memories. The biggest advice I can think to give during this confusing time, is don't waste the moment. 

Here are a few things we're doing at our home:

  + We might be quarantined, but we still need some daily fresh air. My husband is a cyclist and I like to run, so we pick quiet routes near our neighborhood for some (socially distant) fresh air. We also try to go for a quick walk every morning and evening. 

  + Rather than hoarding cans of beans and soup, we've tried to make dinners something to look forward to everyday. We've tried new recipes and experimented with new ingredients.

  + We've thought about our "back-burner-to-do-list", like finally organizing and printing wedding photos, catching up with old friends via FaceTime, organizing the garage, starting a donation pile, and deep cleaning the floors. 

  + Can't lie, we don't mind working in cozy sweats and leggings, but I've tried to put on a cute top and jewelry everyday to feel a little more put together. Keeping some of our normal routine has been really helpful in increasing productivity.

  + Of course we're watching a bit more TV than usual, but we're also trying to play cards and backgammon a couple of times a week.

  + Give your partner grace. Give your coworkers grace. Give your kids grace. Everyone is wired differently, therefore will respond to this 'new way of life' differently. I'm not sure there is a right way to handle something like this, but the best we can do is be patient with those we are interacting with and care for each others' needs as best we can.

What are the things you've had on your to do list that you could do during this time? What are things you and your family love doing together? How are you investing into your hobbies? Sooner or later, life is going to go back to fast-paced schedules and endless to-do lists. Don't look back on this moment and wish you would have done things differently. 

Much love to all,

Jessie Alexander, 31 Bits Co-Founder 

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