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Why is Physical Exercise Good for my Brain
Blood flow is increased to every organ in your body during arobic exercise. 

Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics notes, among others referenced, how physical exercise will of course make the whole body healthier but also actually stimulates neurogenesis and the ability of the body to create new neurons.

Even though exercise can relax a person from a day's stressful activities, at the same time exercising also can elicit cortical alertness. Good aerobic exercise can even spur your nervous system into a state of arousal.

Now exercise effects on the brain from physical and aerobic activity puts you in a ideal state for mental activity but a word of caution here as you certainly wouldn't want to reach this state shortly before some much needed deep sleep.

It is advised to exercise at least several hours before bedtime, no closer. You want to avoid exercise before bedtime but if you have to exercise before sleep, then reading a book before retiring may be good step.

Many experts also recommend a guided relaxation meditation as an option aswell.

Brain Exercise Health
Aerobic exercise's positive effects on the brain have been known for some time but ... Studies and brain research in recent years have confirmed this and led to detailed findings.

Jean Pierre Changeux from the Pasteur Institute in Paris along with a researcher from the Developmental Biology Institute of Marseilles, Christopher Henderson, found that the growth of axons is stimulated when muscles are moved.

This simple relationship is an important link for us to show how intelligence is affected by physical and aerobic exercise since intelligence is directly related to the number of axons we have.

Aerobic exercise has been shown to improve the speed of recall.

Work by William Greenough, a professor at the University of Illinois Beckman Institute has shown how blood and oxygen to the brain is increased and there is also an increase in capillaries around the neurons in the brain.

Aerobic exercise that helps brain activity by keeping blood flowing to the organs.

The institute described the aerobic exercise to be at a "comfortable pace" or when your pulse is 220 minus your age and then you take the result and multiply by 0.65 or 0.80 if you are an athlete.

Of course, this is only a guide for healthy individuals and people with any health issues would want to consult with their physician.

Some general guidelines are the exercise should last at this pace at least 12 minutes while exercising should include the lower body.

Note that the institute recommended the exercise time to be non stop for the 12 minutes. 

Overall, you would want to work up to forty to forty five minutes on five days per week.

Exercising can be most beneficial at certain times of your day.
Before a time when mental alertness is desired and also when the most stressful time of your day is over can both be optimum times to exercise. 

Get aerobic exercise as brisk walking or even a fitness class for thirty to forty five minutes a day, five days a week. Most people switch routines for these days, all good.

Long Term Effects of Exercise on the Brain
It is noted that exercise is most beneficial for your brain processing when it is a lifelong activity and you are preserving mental function. 

Sure, you can start walking regularly at any age, even going to the gym, joining a water aerobics class even after retiring and still get benefits.

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