Bookworms, Bikers and Bedtimes: How Your Habits Affect Sleep

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You are where you sleep.
Bookworms, bikers, or bi-coastal jet laggers... the way Americans spend their days tells us how restful they will find their nights. From the Northwest to the Deep South, the length of our beauty rest will vary with how much we commute, carouse around town, or curl up to read. And to add another blanket (and pillow) of complexity, where we sleep also tells us about how much we sleep. Now that's something that red and blue states can finally rest on.
UPxShantell Martin
UP commuters in New York who live more than five miles away from work sleep 54 min. less per work week than those living only one mile away. In Los Angeles, they sleep 39 min. less.
UP wearers age 61 and older go to bed the earliest in these popular retirement destinations: Tucson, Phoenix, Denver and Riverside, CA.
Night Owls
UP wearers age 18 to 24 go to bed the latest in these college towns and active nightlife cities: Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and College Station, TX.
In states where people spend more time biking, UP wearers sleep six min. more per night on average. Top biking states are Alaska, South Dakota and Colorado.*
Jet Lag
On average, sleep disruption for coast-to-coast travellers ends 5-7 days after the day of travel.
In states where people read more books, UP wearers go to bed and wake up earlier. Top reading states are Arizona, Maine and Washington.*
* Based on sleep data from hundreds of thousands of UP wristband users, and lifestyle variables from the ATUS time use survey and the DDB Worldwide Lifestyle Survey. ATUS data was gathered 2003-2012 from 136,960 people. DDB data was gathered 1975-1998 from 84,000 people. All results are statistically significant.
Prepare for lift-off
Coast-to-coast travelers typically lose more than an hour of sleep the night before they cross time zones. Catch some extra zzzs by packing early—that means carry-on items too! Plan a relaxing activity the night before, like a bath. Set your alarm with time to spare. Arrive to the airport calm and well-rested, and enjoy your flight.
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Powered by UP
Analysis is based on anonymized sleep data,
demographic info and survey results of UP users.

All reported results are statistically significant at the .05 level or better.
Correlation does not equal causation.
Powered by UP

UP is a wristband and app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat—then helps you use that information to feel your best.

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