Use Intervals to Improve Your Fitness Level

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Push your endurance by trying intervals as well as long cardio sessions.

Pounding the pavement is one method to build cardio endurance, but it’s not the only way. Add a session or two of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) each week to build endurance and strength in a fraction of the time. Stadium runs and track workouts are ideal for running, while timed intervals do the trick for cycling and swimming.

Gym Rat

Why runners should lift weights for optimal performance.   

Slow and Steady

Learn how to prevent the most common runner’s injuries.  

Friday Review

This week, we recommended mixing up workouts to avoid plateaus, choosing all-natural hot dogs, jotting info down by hand to boost memory, skipping the fish oil pills, and using interval training to build cardiovascular endurance. How many healthy choices were you able to make this week?
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