8 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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The holiday season is busy — we get it. That’s why we’ve rounded up eight of this week’s must-read stories (just in case you missed them!). 
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25 Science-Backed Ways to Change Your Life by Taking Better Care of Yourself
The beginning of the year is a great time to recommit to taking care of you and that involves more than just diet and exercise. This year, give yourself some much-needed TLC with these tips and strategies.

My Office Is Awesome: Why Having Fun at Work Is a Good Idea
Some people say the idea of workplace “fun” is artificial and unnecessary. But there’s evidence that younger employees appreciate efforts to create a happy, social work environment. Are fun workplaces possible?

Jennifer Lawrence Volunteers as Tribute (to End Fat Shaming)
Can the girl on fire inspire the end of humiliating people based on their weight?

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From Goat to Guinness: Santa’s Eats From Around the World
Find out what Santa snacked on all night while delivering all that Christmas cheer.

The Hard Choice: Is Beer or Cider Better?
It’s bottled like beer, but tastes fruitier like wine. Hard cider is making a comeback, and we can see why. But what about hard cider makes it special and can it be considered a healthier alternative?

Is Antibacterial Soap Safe?
The growing concern over the safety of antibacterial soaps makes for a slippery situation. But might this bacteria-killing all-star cause more harm than good?

The Greatist Podcast: How to Stay Fit During the Holidays, Eat for Clear Skin, Cook With Superfoods, and More
In this episode of the Greatist podcast, we cover the site's best tips from November. Listen up to save money on dates, eat for healthy skin, stay fit throughout the holiday season, and more.

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The Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Workout You Can Do in a Commercial Break
These three quick workouts will carry you through all of the commercial breaks of your favorite half-hour show. Turn a TV sesh into a sweat sesh in no time!

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