7 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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Calorie Counts
From healthy recipe roundups to tons of ways to mix up a running workout, we’ve compiled this week’s seven must read stories.
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Counting Calories Is Flawed. But Here’s Why I Still Do It
Find out why physician and obesity specialist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff thinks calorie counting can help us take control of our relationship with food. 

The Reason Instagram Banned #Fatass and #Slut Is Better Than You Think
A list of hashtags banned by Instagram include health and fitness terms. Can a ban help cure unhealthy behavior?

21 Healthier Trail Mix Recipes to Make Yourself
Got a case of the munchies? Snack on one of these tasty, homemade trail mixes. 

One More Reason You Should Eat Fruit, Not Drink It
Used to the habitual glass of OJ with breakfast? Maybe it’s time to ditch the juice and actually eat your fruit instead. 

34 Healthy and Eye-Catching Bento Box Lunch Ideas
Lunchtime just got really snazzy. Check out these bento boxes — creative, sectioned containers of food — one of the latest trends in healthy lunch making. 

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18 Running Workouts to Try Something New
Heading out for a run but tired of the same old loop? We’ve got 18 fresh ways to make running exciting again. 

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5 Happy Things: Play With Your Food Edition
From food flags to magical landscapes, here are five links from around the web that’ll inspire you to have fun with your food. 

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