9 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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In case you were busy with healthy picnics, staying hydrated, and getting your sweat on in this crazy summer heat, we’ve rounded up nine of this week’s must read stories.
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Your Go-To Guide for Choosing Healthier Grains
We’ve broken down the nutritional stats of some of the healthiest grains, along with some healthy recipes and cooking tips!

Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Going to Kill Me?
Despite a lack of scientific evidence linking artificial sweeteners and serious health problems, what are sugar substitutes doing to our bodies and brains? 

Are TV Dinners Healthier Than Home-Cooked Meals?
Find out when cooking at home isn’t healthier than a TV dinner.

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Escape Your City This Summer with 33 Drivable Day Trips
Take a day to for one of these active day trips within three hours of eleven big cities across the county.

The Ultimate Full-Body Sandbag Workout [INFOGRAPHIC]
Our full-body sandbag workout builds speed, power, and strength in just 30 minutes, with just one piece of equipment!

Getting Fit with the Super Stuntman Behind Bond, Batman, and Thor
Find out how action star Bobby Holland Hanton trains his body for tough stunts.

Why Are Facebook’s “Fittest Cities” Rankings So Different Than Other Lists?
Facebook’s recently released list of America’s healthiest cities looks very different from other rankings we’ve seen. 

Americans Are Working Out More Than Ever. Why Aren’t We Losing Weight?
Greatist explores the complicated connection between exercise and weight management.

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Off The Grid: Why I Still Use a Dumb Phone
OP-ED: How "dumb" technology has helped Greatist's happiness editor experience the world, cultivate relationships, and improve herself.

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