Selective Hearing Is Real, But This Tip Will Help You Beat It

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Listen closely to show respect and hack your brain’s selective hearing.

Selective hearing isn’t just an excuse your significant other uses to avoid taking out the trash. It’s a real, scientific fact — the human brain decides what’s important based on audio and visual cues and “tunes out” everything else. Foster good relationships (both personal and professional) by making a point of listening closely to others. Nothing makes friends, relatives, and colleagues feel respected like giving them undivided attention. READ MORE...

House Divided

Deal with difficult roommates by communicating effectively and listening to problems.  

Ditch a Rut

Use growth and adventure to keep any long-term relationship from growing stale. 

Friday Review

This week, we recommended leaving the city for an outdoor adventure, using natural sweeteners, working out with a sandbag, trying new whole grains, and avoiding “selective hearing.” How many healthy choices were you able to make this week?
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