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Haaaaappy Sunday! We’re with you, Monday through Friday is nothing short of really busy. Take some time today to check out  eight of this week’s must-read health and fitness stories.
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Why Eating a Little Slower Could Help You Lose Weight
Unless you're a contestant in a pie-eating contest, there's no need to race to finish clean your plate. Studies suggest dining slowly is a way to prevent overeating and stave off hunger.

Greatist Approved: RetroFit
Check out this super-comprehensive service that helps users lose (or gain, or maintain) weight the healthy way.

Hey Dudes, Drinking Every Day May Make Your Brain Work Worse Than Your Girlfriend’s
A brewski or two a day may be cause for concern when it comes to your brain and how it functions. A new study found that men who drink daily experience more cognitive decline than women do.

Don’t Have a Cow! Here’s How to Pick the Best Milk for You
Finding the dairy aisle may not be a problem, but choosing the right kind of milk can be much tougher. Check out the benefits of each kind of cow’s milk to pick the best one for you.

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Did Your Favorite Workout Song Make This Science-Backed Playlist?
A team of sports psychologists has teamed up with Spotify to devise the absolute best playlist to help power your workout. Did any of your favorites make the list?

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I’m Not Crazy, But I Did Just Spend Two Weeks Living by Nothing but Candlelight in the Name of Good Health
Alden Wicker had read so much about the health benefits of living without artificial light that she decided to try it for herself... in her apartment... in New York City. Read on to learn what she discovered from her illuminating experiment. 

Work-Life Balance Is a Lie, So Here’s a Better Way to Think About It
Today’s technology makes it possible to work 24/7, paying little attention to friendships, family, and good health. That’s why we’re here to help, with 15 tips for creating a fulfilling life that includes everything you find meaningful.

Think Small, Act Big: How to Create “Microresolutions” that Lead to Lasting Change
Already having trouble with that New Year’s resolution? Take a page from Caroline Arnold’s book, “Small Change, Big Move,” and shrink it into a manageable “microresolution.”

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