9 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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Living a happy and healthy lifestyle takes some work. That’s why we’re here with nine of this week’s must-read stories
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16 Healthier Halloween Candy Recipes to Make at Home
This year, make your own version of the sweet stuff, without the spooky artificial ingredients used in the store-bought varieties. 

#WTFis Kombucha?
Kombucha has been making waves as the latest go-to health beverage. But is this stinky, fermented beverage worth the sip?

27 Things You Should Put an Egg On (Or Inside)
Use the incredible, edible egg in new ways with these inventive recipes. 

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17 Mid-Run Snacks to Improve Your Marathon
During a run, the body needs sugars that will quickly digest and send energy straight to your muscles. These snacks are just the thing for mid-run fueling.

The Last Place Marathon Runner with the Most Inspirational Finish [VIDEO]
Maickel Melamed completed the Chicago Marathon despite having muscular dystrophy. Watch his truly inspirational finish. 

CrossFit Ruined My Confidence and Sent Me to the Hospital. Here’s Why I Still Do It.
Greatist’s fitness editor explains how CrossFit contributed to multiple injuries, poor self-esteem, and reconstructive surgery — and why he still does it. 

How to Do the Perfect Plank
This static exercise works just about the whole body, no equipment necessary! Check out how to fine-tune your plank into perfection. 

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10 Steps to a Meaningful Life From a Man Who’s Found One
Guest poster Ran Zilca details how, in order to live a fulfilling life, it’s important to prioritize and set achievable goals. Read on for Zilca’s steps toward a meaningful life. 

It Might Be Hard, But There Are Good Reasons to Share Your Secrets
Suzanne Handler outlines the secrets young adults are prone to keep, why they keep them, the negative side effects of secret-keeping, and finally some actionable tips for airing secrets in order to promote personal growth. 

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