The Solution to Your Post-Halloween Party Hangover

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Drink seltzer or lemon-lime soda to ease hangover symptoms.

Sprite Cans
A new study shows that lemon-lime soda (like Sprite), or even just plain seltzer, can boost the production of an enzyme that makes hangovers feel a little less awful. So grab a cold one (by that we mean a can of soda) and get on with your day, sans headaches and nausea. READ MORE...

Diet Danger

Combining alcohol with diet soda can get you drunker than using full-sugar mixers.   

Sad Sips

A study shows that people who drink diet fruit juice, iced tea, and soda are more likely to develop depression

Friday Review

This week, we recommended sharing secrets in a controlled, healthy way, using compound lifts to save time at the gym, dressing up as a healthy food for Halloween, celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with homemade candies, and treating a hangover with lemon-lime soda. How many healthy choices were you able to make this week?
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