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Paul Mitchell
Staff Picks. Tara Ennis is the Copy Director for Paul Mitchell® and one of our favorite curl friends. Here she dishes on her top product picks, shares insider tips and offers up a curl confession. What's your go-to product cocktail? Like many curly girls, I am a certified product cocktail junkie. There are usually no less than three products in my hair at any given time! My go-to mixer is to start with Full Circle Leave-In Conditioner, followed by a combo of Twirl Around and Sculpting Foam. It's the perfect blend of defining and conditioning for my crazy curls. If it's rainy or humid outside (thankfully not often in L.A.), I might throw in a little Super Clean Sculpting Gel for good measure. I definitely have the kitchen-sink approach to hairstyling.What's the best styling tip you've ever gotten from a Paul Mitchell pro? One of our educators once gave me a great trick for smoothing flyaways when I pull my hair back. I spray Super Clean Extra into the palms of my hands and smooth my hair back to tame all of those little frizzies that drive me crazy. Works like a charm! Have any advice for fellow curly girls on fighting frizz? My best curly days are when I apply my leave-in conditioner and styling products to soaking wet hair. That beats the frizz before it starts. On second day hair, I like to take a little bit of Ultimate Wave in the palms of my hands and smooth it over dry hair to tame any curly-ques that get out of line.Time for a curl confession! What's the wackiest thing you've ever done to your hair? Hmm…what haven't I done to my hair? It's been colored, straightened and tortured for years. Oh, and there was the Felicity-inspired short haircut in the late 90s. I definitely regretted that one.The Truth About Curls. Confess! Share your curl confession at or use #curlconfession on Twitter and Instagram.
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