Stüssy x Yo! MTV Raps

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Stüssy x Yo! MTV Raps Collection
On August 6th, 1988 Yo! MTV Raps debuted on MTV and changed the world. It’s hard to imagine, but back then Rap music was not what it is today. It was an underground genre of music that challenged what was going on in popular music at the time. Yo! MTV Raps transmitted the culture of Rap to millions of homes at a time when there were only a handful of local outlets to see a rap video. The style, the trends, the language of Rap began to influence popular culture and by the time the show left the air in 1995, the genre was no longer the best kept secret. Rap music has grown to being the biggest and most popular genre of music today, and a lot of this is due to Yo! MTV Raps.

For the Stüssy x Yo! MTV Raps collection, we have selected 10 seminal artists from Yo! MTV Raps’ time on air for a series of t-shirts and fleece pieces available now at Stussy Chapter Stores and US and EU.

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Ice T Tee
Eric B. and Rakim Tee
Gang Starr Tee
Slick Rick Tee
Brand Nubian Tee
Public Enemy Tee
Digital Underground Tee
MC Lyte Tee
Queen Latifah Tee
De La Soul Tee
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