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Friday Message: A quick lesson in quantifiers

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Our quick English tip for today is going to be related to the quantifiers “some” and “any”.The words “some” and “any” are used when a speaker cannot or does not specify amounts or numbers of things or people.

Have a look at the following sentences:

- While driving to school yesterday, we saw three kids playing in the park.

In this sentence the number of children is specified and it is important to know how many kids the speaker saw.

- While driving to school yesterday, we saw some kids playing in the park.

In this sentence the speaker is unsure of how many children were playing in the park or the number is unimportant.

some is normally used in affirmative sentences. For example:

- Some people are coming to the party but I don’t know how many.
- If I have some free time after work, I will come visit you.

any is normally used in negative sentences. For example:

- The company still hasn’t got any news about the merger.
- I didn’t see any of my friends at the party.

In the following dialogue between Chris (C) and Marta (M) we can see how to use the quantifiers “some” and “any” in conversation.

C: Morning, Marta. Would you like to go get some coffee?

M: Morning, Chris. No I don’t drink coffee any more. I stopped last month.

C: That’s OK. Some friends of mine are at a coffee shop nearby so I thought I’d offer.

M: I’d love to come but I have to study for next week’s test. I haven’t had any time to study

- Is there any rice left?
- Do you have any children?

However, “some” can also be used when we are offering or suggesting something. Here are some examples:

- Would you like to go get some coffee?
- Would you like some new shoes for your birthday?

It may also be used when asking for something.

- Could I have some water please?
- Can I have some fries with my burger?

I hope this has been helpful for you. For more information, take a look at unit 27 of the online ABA course.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Graham Weeks

Your ABA Teacher
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