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How to Speak on the Phone
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Even new English learners may have to speak English on the phone at some time or another.

Normally speaking over the phone in English is difficult because we can’t see the other person’s face or see their mouth move and so we may have trouble understanding them. However, when making and receiving phone calls, we normally follow some sort of structure.

Let’s have a look at a few ways of speaking on the phone.

Firstly, let’s look at a common phone conversation between Tom (T) and Mrs Smith (MS):

T: Hello, can I speak to Max please?

MS: Sure. May I ask who’s calling?

Me llamo Tom. ¿Es usted la señora Smith?

MS: Yes, it is Tom. Just hang on a second. I’ll check if he’s here.

(A few seconds later) I’m afraid he’s not home. Can I take a message?

T: It’s OK, thank you, I’ll call back later. Thanks so much, Mrs Smith.

MS: Not at all. Have a nice day.

T: You too.

MS: Goodbye!

T: Goodbye, Mrs Smith!

We may also use many variations in our conversation and the list below will help you structure your sentences in a better way.

Podemos usar muchas variaciones de esta conversación y la lista de abajo te ayudará a estructurar las frases mejor.

Answering the phone:

- Hello!
- Good morning/afternoon/evening

Asking for a person:

- May / Can I speak to (name)?
- Is (name) there?

Asking to take a message:

- Can I take a message?
- Would you like to leave a message?

Asking who is calling:

- Who’s calling please?
- May I ask who’s calling?

Introducing yourself:
- This is (name)
- (Name) speaking

Asking a person to wait:

- Hold on
- Hang on, I’ll call (name)
- Just a second

I hope this has been helpful. For more information on speaking on the phone, take a look at unit 11 of the online ABA course.

Until next week!

Have a nice weekend.

Graham Weeks

Your ABA Teacher
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