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Understand productivity, collaboration, and focus trends across your team to help set goals that keep teams focused and aligned.

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Establish team goals with the help of our new Benchmarks Guide

Ever wondered how your team's work habits compare to those of other organizations? Our new Benchmarks Guide provides a helpful frame of reference, with data on productivity, focus, and collaboration time aggregated from ActivTrak's customer base. Use it as a guide, along with your own organization's benchmarks, to help determine appropriate goals for your team.

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How to set goals in ActivTrak Premium

In ActivTrak Premium, managers and leaders can define goals to help create alignment, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and set clear expectations for teams. Our step-by-step guide explains how to set goals and measure progress in our Insights dashboards.

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Product Spotlight:

Introducing Collaboration Time Goals

Managers can now set goals for collaboration time to reflect time spent on activities like virtual meetings, messaging apps, and email. Collaboration goals can be useful in driving team alignment — particularly within a hybrid or remote workforce — and for functions like sales and support who spend much of their time interfacing with customers. Insights dashboards make it easy to gauge performance against goals and get a clear picture of where employees are spending their time.

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Key Product Updates

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Weekly Digest redesign


We've updated the Weekly Digest email with a streamlined layout and new reports that make it easier to get an at-a-glance view of team productivity. Look for it in your inbox every Monday morning.

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Create a Hybrid Work Policy to Help Employees Work Wiser

A hybrid work policy that clearly delineates expectations maximizes the benefits of in-person and remote work and helps your employees work wiser.

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Hybrid Work Template

When formalizing a hybrid operating model, it is important to establish clear expectations among individuals, managers, and the organization to ensure the needs of all parties are met. This template serves as a starting point for the development of your company's hybrid work policy.

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New training session announced: September 16th

Looking for advice on how to better leverage productivity insights? Join this virtual training to learn how to:

  • Assess which user roles are best for different needs in your org
  • Configure permissions for each role or restrict access to specific dashboards and settings
  • Create and manage groups to provide team-based visibility to data
  • Share insights with individuals so they can view their data and analyze their own productivity

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