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Confidence in spite of shortcomings (what women really respect)

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No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.

-Albert Einstein

Hello members & happy Saturday,

This past week we concentrated on projecting sexual energy. Much of what we discuss in this membership has to do with passionate living, taking action, and being grounded in your masculine, dominant, WholeMan character. This has much to do with taking care of YOURSELF, taking action for the good of yourself, and being proactive (being a self-advocate) towards your health and happiness- mentally, physically and emotionally. But on Thursday, I wrapped up that series with talking about if a man isn't so healthy.... Or possibly carrying some extra weight.... Or maybe he enjoys having a darn good time, on a regular basis, partaking in possibly a little too much food & drink.

To assist in addressing this, I told you about a book I read a few years ago, Between Meals- An Appetite for Paris by A.J. Liebling. In the book the author is one in a group of men who LOVES food. They have huge appetites, regularly partake in 12 course meals, enjoy copious amounts of wine, and are treated like royalty at restaurants.

And guess what??? They're portly. Fat. Obese.
In addition, due to this weight and overindulgent lifestyle, there are other health problems. But... he describes women admirers, regular sexual encounters, and women flock to him. Why? His charismatic character, his way with words, sarcastic humor, ability to always make a woman feel smart, love for life, positiveness, and the fact that he views himself as a sexual man and isn't afraid of women or sex- no matter his weight. And that is the core of sexual energy. It isn't based on the physical, nor the financial. It's based on attitude.

Well, that article reminded me of a piece written by my longstanding and highly respected colleague Carlos Xuma. Occasionally I enjoy sharing information and advice written by others, just so you can get a better and balanced view of techniques, opinions and theories.

I've shared this before, but its been a few months, so I want to share it again today. I feel it ties in nicely to the conversation we've been having. In this, Carlos makes an extremely solid point about how to handle any shortcoming you might have, in a confident manner. I feel that this may resonate and assist many of you....

Confidence In Spite of Liabilities - We All Have Them!

By Carlos Xuma

EVERY guy has a liability of some kind. Short. Bald. Chubby. Missing a tooth. Missing a leg. Whatever. You have to learn how to communicate your confidence THROUGH that liability, and at the same time not seem defensive, or like you're carrying around issues.

Remember: Stephen Hawking, a man who was totally incapacitated by Lou Gehrig's disease, got remarried. You can say, "Yeah, but he was the most brilliant man alive. He had something going for him." But c'mon... he was totally paralyzed, and couldn't even talk without his computer chair.

I tell you that ANY man can get a woman if he finds that brilliant part of himself, builds on it, and sells it hard.

Deal with these things DIRECTLY. That's what women really respect and admire. Directness. It says that you're not afraid to deal with situations when they come up. It's showing self-confidence.

Most people (men and women) tend to sweep small issues under the rug rather than deal with them when they're small and can be managed. It's a bad habit we acquire somewhere in our lives, and it holds us back in so many ways, because those little things inevitably grow if they're not addressed. One of the ways I managed to be successful in business, as well as help others to do the same, was to deal directly with problems. If you do this before they even become a problem, you're called "proactive" (if I can use a 1990s corporate term.) Then turn that 'problem' into a benefit for you by disarming her defenses and teasing your way in.

For example, if you're a short man you could try these conversational gambits on a taller woman:

"I don't normally date women as short as you, but if you buy me a drink, I might be willing to overlook it."

"You're okay for a tall woman, but I'm not sure if you're ready for the kind of charisma that I put out. As long as you can show me that you've got good health insurance, I'll hang around for a few minutes."

Be proactive with your liability and you'll always come out ahead. Most men try to submerge and hide their shortcomings, but you can do better by exposing it, poke a little fun, and then get on with the business of showing her your confident side. Show her that brilliant part and work it.

Trust me: This is one of the overlooked elements of self-confidence. DIRECTNESS.

- Carlos Xuma

.... This is a fairly simple message, but Carlos makes a solid point in this. Especially in our modern society where humans (especially men) have been subjected to, and conditioned, to be these meek, mild, passive, humble, non-assertive beings, the art of "directness" is being lost....

Women, possibly more than ever, recognize and appreciate the man who is direct and proactive in his decisions, his life, and his outcomes. So, tackle any shortcoming you have directly, show directness and follow what Carlos says, "learn how to communicate your confidence THROUGH that liability, and at the same time not seem defensive, or like you're carrying around issues."

Want more from Carlos?....

Visit his website today for articles, gifts and more!!....

The woman on your side,


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