Advice For Men- From A Woman With Plenty Of Experience!
Advice For Men- From A Woman With Plenty Of Experience!

Making it happen for LOVE, health and good times

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 11:20am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

The man who doesn't relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily, now and then, is in great danger of hooting hoots and standing on his head for the edification of the pathologist and trained nurse, a little later on.

- Elbert Hubbard


Hello members,

Living a WholeMan Lifestyle is about being a powerful, inspired, content, authentic, effective, attractive character. Much of May we focused on inner potential, beyond ability, as well as topics related to self-awareness, taking action, and being grounded in your masculine spirit.

One topic we covered was a biggie which we reviewed on Saturday, setting healthy boundaries and how that is one of the best ways in which you can protect your masculinity & masculine spirit. I've also focused more specifically on defining your own masculine character (a.k.a. "sexy identity") and how you can be confidently detached from any games (and especially any drama). Furthermore, too many men this day in time are afraid of offending someone (especially a woman), and in return, they've grown to be easily offended themselves. They've adopted the offended culture.

I made this key point: Don't allow the political correctness and puritanism of today be the emasculation of you. Let the weak men be emasculated by it. You stand strong. Confident. Enjoy life. Make women feel good being around your masculinity and "energy". Tell dirty jokes, if that's your style. Laugh. Drink good scotch or the better bourbons. Smoke the occasional cigar, if that's your style. Have a darn good time with darn cool women, and friends.... While the puritans and politically correct whine about how people "should live" and "should talk", as they wonder why they're unattractive, sexless and bored.

For today, I want to revisit my article on finding and maintaining not only your masculine spirit, but your SPIRIT FOR LIFE. Unfortunately, over the years, many people lose their spirit for life and for adventure. They become bogged down by the same routine, habits, people, work, and so forth, and they cease to explore, they cease to "make it happen" for LOVE, health and good times.

Several years back I had a private client who had a very good paying job, but he was always stuck in remote oilfields days on end, and if he were near a town, it was a small country town with no good options for food, activities or meeting women. So, he saved some money, quit his job, moved to California, and relocated to an area filled with positive people & activities, vineyards, night life and music, and, of course, good women. He made less than half the money he was making in the oilfields, plus he paid much more in rent, but he was happy. And, he started meeting cool, fun, good women, new friends, and pursuing a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. He took up bicycling, hiking, kayaking, camping and other outdoors activities. At almost 50 years of age, he learned how to play again. Being more active, he naturally started to lose weight, and feel better physically and emotionally.

Sometimes we just have to make a change. Press that reset button. And we may have to force ourselves to make a really scary change, for our long-term health & happiness. This was very much the case when I broke away from Austin and the equestrian center. And I am so very happy I did. Yes, it was rough at first, I second guessed myself often, there were tears and massive anxiety- but it was all well worth it.

Sometimes to "upsize" your LIFE, you have to downsize belongings, payments, bills and other self-perceived obligations. Make sure your life isn't too complicated. There are so many men who may make good money, but they're house poor because they have a large mortgage or massive rent. Or, a crazy high car payment. Due to this, they can't afford to visit the places quality women go, they forfeit vacations and fun activities, and they've limited themselves, in addition to always being stressed about bills.

One of the most attractive WholeMen I know (who dates multiple women) is a man who bought some land outside of Austin, built a tiny house (450 sq. ft.) which he paid off quickly, and between solar panels, collecting his own water, gardening and more, he has very few bills. His tiny house is very nicely decorated and always clean. He also has flowers and fruit trees, a large deck, pond, and the benefits of living outside of the city....

He spends his money on eating out whenever he desires to, attending music festivals & events, traveling, reading, hearing interesting lectures and talks, and basically playing- instead of paying a mortgage & bills. Women thoroughly love visiting his place because they can relax, eat outside on a gorgeous Texas day, and enjoy a bottle of wine by the pond.

In our modern, materialistic world, so many men get focused on possessions and acquiring items and they end up over complicating their life & limiting their attractiveness. In addition, we pretty much all battle some level of dopamine dependence. Cortisol surges. Either full addiction or at least some level of self-thralldom to our smart phone screens, social media, video games, junk food, porn, Netflix, and/or another modern, socially-approved obsession.

When these things are overused they deplete us of our spirit for life, and deplete a man's masculine spirit. To properly self-regulate in our modern world (especially if stuck at home during COVID-19), one must oversee the amount spent on social media, computer/phone, Netflix, porn, junk food, and so forth… Always making sure you are eating healthy, overall. Getting enough time outdoors. Being social. Partaking in positive hobbies and events. Reading. Enjoying life. Facing issues directly, seeking professional help if needed.

So, are you "making it happen" for LOVE, health and good times? Or is it time to make some changes and reestablish your spirit for LIFE and your masculine spirit? Do you still have the energy to dream, explore and pursue adventure? Are you allowing yourself time and opportunities to play? Or is it time to press the "reset" button?

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