Five Recipes That Taste Like Spring

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🌎 Is eating vegan really better for the planet?
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Planted Sustainability edition

Say “climate crisis” out loud at a beer garden this week and prepare to be met with a thousand-yard stare from exactly five of your favourite people. Because as if the events of 2020 + 2021 haven’t caused enough existential dread for one lifetime. Right?!

At Planted we’re all too familiar with that look (both feeling and causing it), because we’re pretty passionate about the planet. But we also know how to eat our way through any problem. After all, not all heroes wear capes; some wear napkins on their laps. 

In our books, the best kind of activism is the one you can do with a knife and fork, and eating plants is one of the main things we can all do to help. So this edition is packed with tasty seasonal recipes, tips, and the low down on why cutting down on meat and dairy is better for the planet. 


Team Planted

asparagus pasta

Asparagus and Herb Pasta

This bright, fresh and zingy pasta is spring simplicity at its best. It comes to life with the acidity and tang of green olives and lemon zest and is balanced by the sweetness and depth of asparagus, a combination of soft herbs and crisp garlic. It also comes together in the same time it takes to boil a pot of water and cook your pasta - if that isn’t a peak weeknight dinner I don't know what is.



News and views in the world of plant-powered living

Half a million people are calling on global leaders to protect 30% of the world's oceans - following the hit Netflix documentary Seaspiracy

Reducing Food Waste At Home: A Chat With Food Editor, Val as part of our Plants for the Planet series 

What Is Eco-Anxiety And How Can You Cope With It? Tips for if talks of climate change are feeling overwhelming

And just when you thought all the caterpillar cake drama was over, the Just Love Food Company has unveiled a brand new vegan cake


The team answer questions from our lovely readers and customers – nothing is off-limits

Isn’t soy bad for the environment though? Relationship status: it’s complicated

Is eating vegan really better? There’s more to the truth than methane

How can I reduce my food waste? 9 handy tips


All things allplants, from launches to life in the kitchen

Spinach Paneer

With spinach in season and the weather warming up there’s no better time to get your hands allplants’ Tofu Saag Paneer. Perfect any day of the week as a fakeaway favourite or a work from home lunch. It’s packed full of spinach, with potatoes and peas, all coated in an aromatic curry sauce. It’s topped with tofu that’s been marinated in turmeric and nutritional yeast to give that cheesy flavour and firm texture so synonymous with this dish. Grab a fork.



All things food – for your tastebuds, for the planet

tomato pasta

The perfect plate of pasta

Tomatoes are one of the most wasted fresh ingredients, maybe not enough people have tried this sweet, juicy, glossy, fresh pasta.


Potatoes deserve pierogi

Keep your onions and potatoes apart...until you cook them, that is, into these perfect pockets of caramelised golden goodness

avo toast

Avo toast but make it fashion 

Always forgetting that other half of your avocado? Here are three ways to recapture the magic of smooth, fresh avocado atop a carby crunch.


Save your stalks

With broccoli and basil both in season, there’s no better time to whip up some waste-free pesto to freshen up your Spring salads..



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