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Hey Fanarchy,
We think we live in a democracy. But our corporations are often ran by tyrants.
Public discourse doesn’t give us helpful ways to talk about the dictatorial rule of employers. We are told that unregulated markets make us free, and that the only threat to our liberties is the state. We are told that in the market, all transactions are voluntary. We prize our skepticism about “government,” without extending our critique to corporate dictatorship.
What we aren’t told is that we vote with our wallets. Every time we spend money, we are voting for the kind of world we want to live in.
Meanwhile, Amazon continues to grow like a cancer cell, sucking dry local economies around the world. It is now powerful enough to push its own holiday onto the calendar.
Not on our watch.
This Prime Day, we urge you to boycott Amazon, and to support independent businesses and social enterprises.

Consumer behaviour is one of the most easily accessible ways to influence change in a capitalist society. Let’s not trade this unique power for some so called ‘bargains’. It’s not a good deal.
Margarita @Allriot
P.S. Oh and here are some WTF facts Amazon doesn’t want you to know:
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