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The Electoral College

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The Electoral College

Hi guys,
The US is bracing for a long and agonising fight for the White House and it feels like the entire world is on edge right now. Wherever you are, we are sending you some love from the UK.
This election has exposed the sorry state of US democracy. Trump’s legal team has already been called out for suppressing votes in key places, including drive through voting polls in Houston, TX, with similar cases in Nevada and others.
He could pull another surprise win at the behest of the Electoral College, a group of 538 representatives at the core of American “democracy” who decide the next leader based on the number of popular votes they receive.
It essentially functions like democratic centrism disguised as a representative democracy, and Trump could capitalise on this again thanks to the discrepancies between the popular vote and Electoral College vote.
According to the London School of Economics, the institution was pivotal in Trump’s rise to power in 2016, despite Hillary Clinton winning a majority of popular votes.
In the current cycle, Trump could potentially demand a recount or worse, threaten lawsuits on the grounds that ballots are being counted after Election Day.
Numerous states have challenged the President, stating they would accept ballots within three days of the election, but Trump has already threatened to contest the results in the Supreme Court.
The Electoral College has remained a bulwark against US democracy since the founding of the Constitution. The Brookings Institute has criticised the system as being unfair in places with income inequalities and geographical disparities across states, where only a relatively small percentage of views are represented.
According to a policy programme study, 15 percent of US counties comprised 64 percent of America’s gross domestic product. Roughly 15 states with 30 senators held more prosperous economies while disadvantaged ones consisted of 35 states with 70 senators.
With the election coming to a close over the next few days, it is important to spread awareness of this detrimental system and bring more representative power back to the people, who are the ultimate keepers of their destiny in this experiment known as liberal democracy.
Our heart goes out to everyone in the States. You deserve better.
Stay strong! This is going to be a long fight, one that does not end until democracy is fully restored. The current system is broken. Real, systemic change is long overdue.
Hugs from everyone at ALLRIOT,

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