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Email sent: Feb 12, 2014 7:34 am

IMTC Has Ground Breaking News
Fellow Investors,

IMTC is experiencing a healthy pullback today. After the massive run IMTC has had its only normal that the stock consolidates before another leg higher.

IMTC looks to have found strong support in the mid .40's and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if IMTC rebounds and surpasses its previous highs, tomorrow.

And get this, massive news has just dropped. The company has just announced that it is developing a mobile payment solution that will eliminate the risks of carrying cash when shopping.

According to the release, “through this mobile virtual payment platform solution Imogo will have the potential to become a serious party in the financial transaction service industry for businesses and consumers. The mobile payment solutions platform will further enhance Imogo's product offering for businesses and consumers. There is exceptional growth possibilities in many parts of the world that do not have a fully built banking infrastructure and Imogo plans to capitalize on this.”

This is massive news folks because it means that soon IMTC will be bringing something to market that is very much in demand.

Needless to say this news is going to cause a massive explosion in market valuation. Should you be alert? Should you come off the fence? The answer should be obvious.

This is the perfect entry point for those of you waiting on the sidelines. If you are already involved with IMTC then now is also the time to dollar cost average your position.

By doing this you are essentially setting yourself up to gain twice as much once IMTC rebounds.

Right now IMTC is trading at fire sale prices and savvy investors are scooping up these cheap shares in anticipation of what's to come.

IMTC Is Giving Traders A Second Chance. Don't Miss This Opportunity.

IMTC is still the exact same company that it was just a few days ago when the stock was trading around 50% higher than its current price. What that tells me is that weak hands are exiting the stock and passing their shares onto long-term players.

I have said it many times and I will say it again. I still believe that $2 is in the cards for IMTC in the very near future. Because of this IMTC is a steal at these current prices.

Here’s what a company rep had to say in the release dropped just moments ago:

“By adding mobile virtual payment solutions to the product offering of Imogo, the company will add a serious new opportunity for customers and businesses to make life easier. This could enable Imogo to penetrate new markets and provide an additional revenue stream for the company.”

I hope you can see straight away that IMTC is perfectly poised for an explosion so make sure IMTC is at the forefront of your trading screen.

Happy Investing!



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