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Your favorite holiday gift is ready to rock in 2022.

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Your favorite holiday gift is ready to rock in 2022.
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They're back. Everyone's favorite (and easiest) holiday gifts.

The Holiday Sock Boxes.

Every year we work hard to curate four or five boxes that will satisfy even the pickiest people. This year we have four - including aΒ blanket bundle with an awesome discount.


The Mono StripeΒ Box

The Mono Stripe is easy to wear and even easier to look at. All four of the colors included in the Mono Stripe Sock Box add a pop of color to any ensemble - and knit from American-grown ring spun cotton, they'll stay comfortable through years of wear and wash. A great gift for any age group.


Image of Mono Stripe Holiday Sock Box

Mono Stripe Holiday Sock Box

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The Retro Sampler

The Retro Stripe is the sock you reach for first. Now in four unique styles, all the selections inside the Retro Sampler are knit on the same machine, so they have the same classic, old-school look you've come to expect. Now including the Merino Retro Stripe, the Retro Sampler is one of the best sock boxes we've ever offered.


Image of Retro Stripe Holiday Sock Box

Retro Stripe Holiday Sock Box

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The Womens Sock Box

The four selections inside the Womens Sock Box are stylish blizzard beaters. Each knit from a different textile, this quartet features cozy & colorful socks that work well in all fall winter settings.

$75 - Free Shipping

Image of Womens Holiday Sock Box

Womens Holiday Sock Box

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The Mens Sock Box

The choice products inside the Mens Sock Box are American-Trench classics. The American Star. The Merino Activity Crew. The Wool Silk Boot Sock. The Cotton Fair Isle. Each knit from a different textile, this selection is a broad demonstration of what we have to offer at American Trench. These premium sock styles are sure to impress.

$75 - Free Shipping

Image of Men's Holiday Sock Box

Men's Holiday Sock Box

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The Blanket Bundle

The Holiday Blanket Bundle features three products with origins spanning the contiguous United States. The heavy wool blanket in buffalo plaid is manufatured at American Woolen - at the end of your bed or on the couch, these blankets are cold busters. The Basalm + Clove candle from Dilo is a north Philly product, hand spun and phthalate free. To top it off, a little A.T. classic - the Christmas Kennedy Crew, made from combed cotton grown in Texas and knit in the Hickory Region of North Carolina.Β 

$150 - Free Shipping

Image of Holiday Blanket Bundle

Holiday Blanket Bundle

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