Amy McGrath 2020
Amy McGrath 2020

My friend Jaime Harrison

Email sent: Jul 28, 2020 8:59pm

Jaime represents the change South Carolina needs.
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Friend, taking away Mitch McConnell’s power isn’t a mission we’re fighting alone.

Today, I want to shout out my friend Jaime Harrison, who’s taking on Lindsey Graham in South Carolina—and has Senate Republicans sounding the alarm about losing their majority.

Like Mitch, Lindsey represents the worst of the Washington swamp—these two created a system that thrives on support from big-money special interests whose agendas always seem to come first in the Senate.

Like Mitch, Lindsey has made choices that have resulted in too many people getting left behind. People like the grandparents who raised Jaime, his neighbors in the mobile home community where he grew up, or the public school teachers and mentors who encouraged him to pursue a career in law—those folks don’t have a voice in the Senate the way that the insurance companies or Big Pharma do.

We can defeat Mitch and Lindsey. If you can, chip in now and split a donation between me and Jaime, and let’s replace leaders who sell us out to the highest bidders.

Like Mitch, Lindsey is only looking out for what’s convenient for Lindsey Graham. (Sound familiar?) Whether it’s voting repeatedly to take away health coverage from millions of Americans, or playing golf with the president all weekend while people across the country are hurting, he’s shown his willingness to sacrifice every principle and value he’s ever had in the pursuit of power for himself and his party.

Lindsey and Mitch are the very definition of everything that’s wrong with D.C.—and it’s time to send them packing.

Let’s replace them with leaders who’ll put people—not party—first. If you can, split a donation between Jaime and me, and let’s bring a new generation of leadership to Washington in November.

Thank you,

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