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Age-old eastern wisdom for a youthful glow

Revive your glow with this at-home tool.

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Revive your glow with this at-home tool.͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ ͏‌ 

Gua Sha: The Natural “Face Lift”

Pronounced “gwah-sha/sah,” gua sha is a centuries-old healing practice used in Chinese medicine that means “to scrape away illness.” By scraping the body with stone and metal tools, you stimulate an immune response, blood flow and lymphatic drainage for boosted health. Today, the modern facial gua sha is popular in the west for its glow-enhancing benefits.

Hello, Beauty!

We’re blessed to learn the best beauty rituals from around the world and share them with you. Today, we’re especially thankful for the wisdom of the Chinese culture that brought us the practice of gua sha. 

While some Asian grandmothers today use a soup spoon to scrape their body for health, we created our Gua Sha Lifting Tool to beautify the look of your complexion, contour your facial features and relieve negative energy. Our Gua Sha Lifting Tool is ethically sourced from China’s Xiuyan County, where jade has originated for millennia.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your gua sha routine.

Prep your skin for gua sha


Do a double cleanse on your skin to remove dirt, debris and impurities. We love using our Restorative Cleansing Oil and our Phytonutrient Cleanser for a thorough cleanse plus brightening benefits.


Mist your skin to hydrate and cleanse using any of our toning mists. This step is crucial to help your skin absorb your moisturizing oil.


Be sure to apply plenty of facial oil, like our Anti-Aging Facial Oil, to your skin. This allows the jade to glide smoothly over your skin, so you have plenty of slip—ensuring there’s no friction.

Want the perfect self-care traveling companion? Check out our Gua Sha Ritual Set that you can take with you anywhere for easy face and soul care. 

7 pro-tips for your facial gua sha routine:⁠

  1. Use light pressure. 
  2. Anchor the skin with your opposite hand. 
  3. Hold the stone at a 45-degree angle. 
  4. Don’t gua sha over moles or active breakouts. 
  5. Do at least 3 strokes in each area. 
  6. Wiggle at the end of each stroke for extra lymph love. 
  7. Move slowly and breathe deeply with each stroke.

Check out our video here for more on perfecting your gua sha technique.

The skin and soul-reviving benefits of facial gua sha may be just what your routine needs as we head into fall. Use our pro tips and experience this age-old wisdom with a modern twist. We can’t wait to see you revitalized and healthy in your beautiful glow! 

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