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All Your Skin Needs: Love & Coconuts

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Hello, Beauty!

You may have heard of coconut oil and all its uses—from beauty care and oral health to cooking and polishing wood. Touted for its fix-all properties, this tropical oil's a clean beauty staple and is here to stay. 

With all its benefits, there's also a lot of noise around its actual effectiveness. And ultimately, we know it comes down to how pure a product you're getting—just like any other gift from nature.

That's why we take the sourcing of our ingredients so seriously—and our coconut oil is no exception. We only get the highest quality, organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed (minimally processed) coconut oil to serve your glow.

Here's why we know it's so worth it for your skin.

Skin Benefits of Coconut Oil  

  • Supports your skin's barrier functions with key nutrients that promote your glow, like vitamin E, essential amino acids and lauric and caprylic acids. 
  • Helps your body retain moisture with coconut oil's high saturated fats giving you glowy skin.
  • Protects your skin with antioxidants from environmental stressors, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles later in life. 
  • Consumed internally, coconut oil also provides nutrients to help keep your skin firm and elastic, giving you an ageless beauty.
  • Nourishes your skin to lighten the look of dark circles under your eyes and moisturize any patchy skin on the body.

We've taken full advantage of this rich, nutritive oil in some of our products and love the results it gives your skin!

Image of Aloe Herb Cleanser
Aloe Herb Cleanser
Image of Coconut Body Oil
Coconut Body Oil
Image of Enliven Body Oil
Enliven Body Oil
Image of Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Image of Renew Cleanser
Renew Cleanser

At Annmarie Skin Care, we believe in full transparency regarding the ingredients we put in our products. You can read more about our ingredients and sourcing in our ingredient glossary.  

Free Shipping on orders over $125*

To get all this coconut oil love, we're offering free shipping on orders over $125* using code FREESHIPPING. Don't miss out—grab your staples and get the benefits of this amazing oil into your routine today!



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