3 Signs of Depression in Dogs

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How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Sad?
Back Pain in Dogs
Signs Your Dog Is Experiencing Depression
Yes, it's true. Pets get depressed too.   

As a pet parent, it can be difficult when you start to notice some changes in your dog’s behavior. If your dog is usually lively, energetic, or simply has a specific personality, and you notice a shift, it's only natural to be concerned.

Here are some ways to identify that your dog could be experiencing depression:

1. Less interested in things that excite them like going for a walk or playing fetch outside.

2. Changes in when they go to sleep or wake up. Are they sleeping a lot more or less than they were before?

3. Changes in their appetite. Is your dog eating smaller portions or no longer interested in their favorite treat?

Learn more about what causes depression and how you can help your dog navigate through hard times.

Relieve Your Pet's Stress
There is evidence that dogs can experience depression if there has been a stressful or traumatic change in their lives, and some dogs may experience depression relating to the worsening of anxiety.
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