Here's to anxiety-free outdoor fun 😎

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Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor adventure with your dog or cat.
Preparing for Outdoor Activities With Your Pet
Outdoor walk
Planning a trip to the beach, an epic hike, or a socially-distanced cookout that includes your furry friend? Pet safety probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. But - it’s important to be aware of potential dangers (and stressors) outside to help keep your pet safe and anxiety-free.
Being Prepared = Less Anxiety and Stress
Beach dogs
Going outside means potential exposure to all sorts of stressors including new situations, strangers, animals, and loud noises. Calming medications and supplements can help ease your pup’s anxieties to allow them to better enjoy summer fun with you.
Outdoor Calming Aids
Put our Hemp Oil on your pet's food before going outside!
Administering oil to food
Looking for non-CBD product options? Check these out.
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