Separation Anxiety: How to prepare for it post-quarantine

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Tips on getting back to normal routines with your pet.
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Easing Pet Separation Anxiety After COVID19 Quarantine
Back Pain in Dogs
Are you and your pet prepared?
Pets have become acclimated to the uninterrupted presence of their humans during quarantine. But with states slowly lifting COVID-19 restrictions, people are starting to return to work, leaving their furry friends home alone. This tough transition could create separation anxiety issues in both new additions and long-term family pets.

Here's how you can prepare for easing back into normal routines:
1. Give your pets some alone time: One of the best things you can do is give your pet some space by starting short period of alone time.

2. Get your pet plenty of exercise: Exercising your pet mentally and physically before leaving them alone will help ease an anxious pet.

3. Create a calm environment: Closing windows and curtains, playing soothing music in the background, and even running the fan can help with creating a more relaxing home environment.
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