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Signs Your Dog Is Stressed
Back Pain in Dogs
Silent Ways Your Dog Is Asking For Help
Stress can affect the emotional, behavioral and physical well-being of our dogs. It can even impact the bond we have with our dog.

Many of us know the obvious signs like hiding or shaking in fear, but dogs have many other silent ways to tell us they’re not so happy:

1. Doing one thing over and over and over… and over again. Like over-grooming and tail chasing. Compulsions can be rooted in behaviors or be an underlying medical condition.

2. Being extra active or unable to settle down. Wandering through the house, never settling in bed, or jumping up at every sound could all be signs of pain and discomfort.

3. Yawning, panting, shaking-off or drooling are all common ways that dogs release stress.

How You Can Help
If you're pet is showing continued signs of stress and anxiety, it may be time to consult a veterinarian or trainer. You can also try the below products to help them relax and get some much needed rest.
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Calming Wellness Package
Our Calming Wellness Package provides you with hemp oil that can be dosed orally or easily added to your dogs food, and comes with calming soft chews that help gives pets the calming support they need while thinking its a snack. Both support reduced anxiety, boosts your pet's immune system, and helps to reduce inflammation.

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