When is your dog a senior? Some start at age 5.

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Learn how to help your dog as they age.
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When Is A Dog Considered Senior?
Back Pain in Dogs
Signs of Aging and How to Help
There is no set age or date when a dog goes from being an adult to being a senior. In fact, it varies greatly depending on your dog’s breed and size. Many people average the age at which dogs become seniors at around 7 years old, but in reality this can change quite considerably from ages 5 to 12.

Knowing when your dog is considered a senior is an important part of pet parenting. It means you can be alert for changes in their behavior or habits that might be signs of illness and you can take steps to keep your dog happy and comfortable well into their golden years.

Signs your dog is approaching or in their senior years:
1. Going gray around the muzzle.
2. Stiffness, especially in the mornings (a sign of arthritis).
3. General slowing down.
4. Impatience, especially with younger dogs
5. Cognitive dysfunction, which often shows up as anxiety, sleeplessness, and loss of smell.
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