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Email sent: May 5, 2020 6:02pm
Extended Frequency Response
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Save $50 on the Planar-Magnetic Super Tweeter

Our Planar-Magnetic ribbon tweeter uses a flat copper membrane which is a 45 μm (approx 0.045 mm) thick tweeter. This ribbon thickness and overall weight proved to enhance the upper frequency range, with a particular harmonic warmth and soft tone that can be felt throughout vocals, woodwind instruments, and cymbals. Breathiness or airyness are improved within the 8 kHz to 12 kHz region of planar magnetic tweeter, and extends up to about 33 kHz. To keep the ribbon balanced sound without phasing, there are 2 sets of stripe style magnets to allow a balanced vibration which enhance the positive aspects of harmonic warmth throughout the copper ribbon membrane. The copper ribbon membrane is 1-1/8” (28mm) Wide by 2” (52mm) Tall.

Save $100 on the True Aluminum-Ribbon Super Tweeter

Our Aluminum-Ribbon super tweeter features a true ribbon design, which uses a 20 μm thick (0.02mm) aluminum ribbon strip. Due to the lightweight and thin ribbon size, it is ultra-responsive to transients and provides the most accurate upper frequency detail. The clarity of this speaker truly shines at 12 kHz and above, bringing a sense of lightness and heightening the overall mix without any harsh or distorted traits. The impedance of the aluminum ribbon tweeter is almost constant, so it maintains a consistent frequency response curve in the higher frequency band range up to 40 kHz. True ribbon tweeter designs are able to handle a higher SPL than planar magnetic. Inherent with the true ribbon design, an electrical current can’t directly touch the ribbon so we employed a transformer that reaches up to 60 kHz, which requires two pieces of exceptionally strong neodymium 2-1/8” (55mm) by 3/8” (10mm) magnets to produce the linear magnetic field. The entire magnetic, ribbon, and damping material are enclosed in heavy duty steel chamber. Overall, this ribbon tweeter design allows for minimal distortion compared to the planar magnetic, and along with the longitudinal shape of the ribbon, the true aluminum ribbon super tweeter creates a delicate and spacious sound field. 

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