Fintech's Final Frontier

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Welcome to another issue of Arcus Fintech Insights
May 4th, 2021

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Fintech's Final Frontier: Central Bank and Disintermediation

Today almost 5 billion humans have mobile phones, 80 percent of them smartphones with internet access. The bank branch is an anachronism—Amazon has rendered much of retail obsolete—and this process is quickly happening to banks as well. Every consumer will access his or her savings, loans, and investments via a mobile app. This reshuffling of the deck is being quickly adopted by consumers, but it should be appreciated even more by governments, who can finally offer monetary goals more directly to their constituents.

Fintech—“apps for money”—represents the most powerful tool that governments have to make their monetary services available directly to their own citizens, helping accomplish monetary and policy goals and benefiting consumers equally.
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Via Andreessen Horowitz

Embedded Fintech Versus Embedded Finance

Embedded finance has become a popular term in the banking and fintech circles over the past few years, but, have you ever wondered what it is, its implications for the economy, businesses and financial institutions themselves? Now add the term embedded fintech and what you get is a tangled web of blur; Where does one end and the other begin? Are they the same? 
This article answers all of these questions and more! You will be able to understand the difference between the two terms, the role they both serve and how they can easily intertwine
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Via Forbes
Plus: Arcus Partners with El Puerto de Liverpool

50% of consumers are now interacting with their financial institution through mobile apps or websites at least once a week, according to Accenture.



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