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Battle the Elder Crystal Dragon in Guild Wars 2! A new Living World episode is live now

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All or Nothing

Living World Season 4 continues with new story content and more!

Living World Season 4, Episode 5

Caithe has a lead on Glint's legacy, and wants to ask Ogden Stonehealer some questions--but the Durmand Priory isn't exactly welcoming her with open arms. Meet her in Lornar's Pass to seek Ogden's counsel.

New Map: Thunderhead Peaks

Once the home of the dwarves, this snowy land has fallen to Kralkatorrik's corruption. Brandstorms sweep the ice floes and crystal-studded ravines.

Upgradeable Weapon Set

Arm yourself with weapons forged from Brand crystal.

New Fractal: Siren's Reef

Shipwrecks, a tropical island, and pirates? You know what that means-treasure! And ghosts...lots of ghosts.

New Mastery: Bond of Faith

Unlock the ability to launch yourself off your mount and into the air.

New Legendary Longbow: Pharus

This elegant bow shines with a pure and searing light.

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* Living World Season 4 requires Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play. Log in while the episode is live to unlock it for free, even if you don't own the expansion yet!

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