25 Rules Great Email Marketers Follow (Clint Watson)

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25 Rules Great Email Marketers Follow

1. DO write each email with one goal and one call to action.
2. DO optimize each email for reading on mobile.
3. DO preview every email.
4. DON'T send more than one newsletter a day.
5. DON'T use too many images - 1 or 2 is best.
6. DON'T send giant walls of text.
7. DON'T send from your personal email account - use an Email Service Provider such as ArtfulMail, ConvertKit or Mailchimp.
8. DON'T hard sell in every email - ask for small micro-commitments in most emails, only occasionally ask for a big sale.
9. DO clean non-engaged subscribers off of your list.
10. DO send at least monthly - any less and your list will go cold. Weekly is even better.

11. DON'T ever put the whole newsletter in an image.

12. DON'T send the content as an attachment.
13. DON'T use any attachments.
14. DO segment your lists by at least buyers, non buyers, artists, and collectors.
15. DO make it easy to unsubscribe.
16. DON'T wait to start. Start a newsletter as soon as you have one subscriber.
17. DO write compelling subject lines.
18. DON'T write spammy subject lines with all caps, exclamation points and the word "free".
19. DO tell people how often you send newsletters when they subscribe. If you don't know how often you'll send then say that up front.
20. DON'T fear people unsubscribing. List decay is normal.
21. DO send from a real mailbox. Don't use a "no-reply" box. If people respond to you, then they should be communicating directly with you.
22. DON'T send from a gmail, yahoo, aol, outlook or other big ISP account.
23. DO send from a mailbox on your domain. This builds your domain authority (and isolates you from bad actors on shared domains). FASO ArtfulMail makes this super easy.
24. DON'T purchase a list.
25. DO cross market with other artists.

Utilize these 25 rules as a checklist to ensure that your email campaigns are professional, beautiful and help you sell your art.

Until next time, please remember that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.


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Clint Watson

BoldBrush & FASO Founder / Art Fanatic


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