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A question I often ask new subscribers is, "What is your biggest challenge?"

Overwhelmingly, artists say "getting my art seen", "getting subscribers", "marketing" or some variation that boils down to this: How can you get people who buy art, to actually, seriously look at your art?

I also saw a tweet the other day that read, "I've never met an artist who wasn't his own worst enemy." And man, sometimes I feel like that is true.

On the one hand, artists tell us their biggest challenge is "getting seen", on the other hand, we come with opportunities for artists to get seen, that don't cost any money, and most don't take advantage of them.

Will you be the artist that gets seen and pushes your business forward? Or will you be like the majority that will delete this email and then continue to wonder why some artists seem to sell?

Here's the offer: We are asking you to refer colleagues to subscribe to FineArtViews. You are a subscriber, so, presumably, you think it has value. Why not share that value with other artists?

To sweeten the deal, we are going to reward the top three referring artists, from now until June 15th, with full features in our collector facing newsletter, InformedCollector. It is sent several times a week to over 45,000 art fans, lovers and collectors.

Here's an example of a full feature in Informed Collector:

Sample of Informed Collector feature

Sample of Informed Collector feature

Our prize this month is this: The top three (3) readers who refer people to FineArtViews from now until June 15th will be featured in Informed Collector. We will coordinate with the winners regarding your feature.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to put your work in front of a huge audience.

We are offering this because we are on a mission to enable a million visual artists to live off their art and, to do that, we need your help to expand our reach to a lot more visual artists. Since you are reading FineArtViews, and seem to get value from it, why not share it with a colleague?

Here's how it works:

1. From now until June 15, 2022 you can use your referral link to refer new subscribers to FineArtViews. You can send it to people via email or share it on social media. It's up to you.

2. They must subscribe to FineArtViews using your referral link to count.

3. Please don't game the system. The prize is for real, new, engaged readers. Not for your alternate email address or your dog's email address. Gamed emails will be detected and thrown out and will disqualify you.

4. The winners will be the top three readers who referred the most real, new subscribers. We require a minimum of ten (10) referrals to be considered for the prize.

5. In addition to the prize, you will still earn all of our regular referral rewards as well.

Click the button below to access your FineArtViews referral hub and start referring new readers!

We thank you in advance for helping us toward our goal of enabling a million artists to live off their art and expand the beauty in this world that so desperately needs it.

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