The Circles of Art Marketing (Clint Watson)

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The Circles of Art Marketing

A Twitter Thread about the Circles of Art Marketing

The way I mentally model marketing art online is through a process called "The Circles of Art Marketing."

I'm currently working on a detailed articles series for paid Sovereign Artist Club members that will walk you through each circle and what you have to do at each step to move prospective art buyers to the next step.

If you're not currently a paid Sovereign Artist member, you might consider joining to read the whole article series.

For today, however, I'm sharing an overview of this concept as I simplified it for a Twitter thread. Reading through the tweets below will give you a good foundation of how this model works:

Image 4706528
Image 4706597
Image 4706606
Image 4706638
Image 4706642
Image 4706645
Image 4706650
Image 4706664
Image 4706666
Image 4706675
Image 4706736

Thank you so much for reading today! We are on a mission to enable a million artist to live off their art. To achieve that, we need to expand our reach to more artists than we reach today? Will you consider helping me with that? Even if you don't choose to join Sovereign Artist, you can still help by helping me reach more artists on Twitter.

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We'll be expanding these ideas into more specific, actionable ideas for our Sovereign Artist Club members. Click below to join now.

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