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The all-in-one program for your recordings and music
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Ashampoo Music Studio 8 - Eight music programs in one!
Buy now for $9.99 instead of $39.99
Download-Version | You save 75%
Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
Everything your digital music needs!
Ashampoo Music Studio 8 is our flagship music editing software for your songs and audio files! Eight powerful modules cover practically everything audiophiles need from their PCs. Whether you want to edit, burn or cut your audios, Music Studio 8 gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Convert between various popular formats, create mixtapes for parties or playlists that will work with any audio device! Bring total order to your music collection, print covers, rip audio discs–it's all there in a single application! Enjoy your songs the way you want and where you want!
Benefits at a glance
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Mix songs with tempo analysis and smart synchronization Mix songs with tempo analysis and smart synchronization Create custom covers from multiple templates or individual designs with incredible ease
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Fast CD ripping with Quick Rip Cut MP3s in the blink of an eye Fully compatible with Apple iTunes
Perfect order for your music collection
Ashampoo Music Studio 8 finally puts an end to incorrectly named audio files. Is your collection basically a single folder with all kinds of genres and styles? Would you like to see the creation date along with the name of the artist and title in your file names? Music Studio 8 brings order to your collection. Not only can the program properly name all of your songs but it can also create intricate folder structures with subfolders for each genre. In Version 8, we've added templates to help you order your songs by various parameters (year, genre, artist, etc.) instantly. You set the standard, the program does the rest!
Create and print CD covers
Burn your music to CD and complete your project with self-made covers and inlays. Professional templates created by our designers and features like automatically created tables of contents will have you come up with visually appealing layouts in just minutes. Creative collages from covers and song titles are now just as easily created as business-style layouts. Whether you're designing for your family, club or work, Cover Editor has the design for you.
A mixtape for every occasion
Mix it up like the pros with Music Studio 8! Turn your favorite songs into mixtapes with smooth transitions and convert them into any format or burn them to disc. "Mix Tape" is your chance to set the mood for any party, wedding or get-together. For a perfectly smooth listening experience, make sure to use the DJ mixer that analyzes each track and harmonizes their speeds for perfect mixtapes every time!
High-quality disc ripping
Turning your CDs into digital form is a breeze with Ashampoo Music Studio 8. All songs are checked against an online database and automatically named correctly, supplied with covers and savable into any format. And fast ripping saves you multiple steps. Our CD ripper gives you great results fast, every time!
Convert to any format and listen without iTunes
Ashampoo Music Studio 8 also supports the popular AAC / M4A Apple formats and the innovative APE format. Burn your music to disc, convert your iTunes songs into a specific format such as MP3, WMA and FLAC or select a target device for maximum compatibility. Now, you can listen to all your songs on any device from your home stereo to devices without iTunes!
Create playlists and find the right format every time
Playlists are the most convenient way to play your songs in any order you like. To ensure, all programs and players can play your collections, Ashampoo Music Studio 8 offers a wide selection of playlist formats. It doesn't matter which player you use - and it doesn't get any more compatible than this!
Edit and mix with up to three tracks
Mix your songs on up to three tracks, edit parts or blend them together. Smart markers and panning make editing fast and effortless! Remove individual passages, add new ones, fade in and out and use the equalizer for high-precision fine-tuning. This new version features optimized work flows to help you achieve your goals faster.
Extract audio from movies for use as ring tones or separate sound tracks
Movie score, favorite movie quote or sound effect, Ashampoo Music Studio 8 can turn your favorite videos into editable sound files in a snap. Extract opening and closing credits or your favorite scene as an audio file and cut, mix and export them to your favorite format. Perfect for individual ring tones or for use in your own videos!
Ashampoo Music Studio 8 - Everything your digital music needs!
Buy now for $9.99 instead of $39.99
Download-Version | You save 75%
Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
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