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De-stress in just a few minutes a day with the QuickStart kit!!
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Girl Relaxing on a Swing
Girl Relaxing on a Swing

There’s no doubt that our current situation around the world has caused many of us to reflect, re-evaluate, and make changes! Even if these changes could cause  “good stress” or even just STRESS-stress, it’s likely the fascia will get involved to help us cope! The fascia is a reactionary system designed to protect us. But the protection comes in the form of “tightening” such as when our brain feels tight after a stressful conversation! 


Even the slightest amount of FasciaBlasting can send a signal to the brain that everything is “all good” and the fight or flight reflex can be DE-activated—to basically tell the body to chill out. Then the tissue can relax and all is better! 


This isn’t my opinion, to recommend a little daily blast—science supports it! In a study performed by the University of Miami Health System, researchers found that body work and touch, such as FasciaBlasting techniques: 

Don't Stress Out! Breathe!

So, it’s wonderful to now have the FasciaBlaster tools in the hands of so many people that are using it for all kinds of things! Especially to RELAX our tissue. This testimony and pic are one of my favorites because you can see that Kelley’s tissue went from being on full “lockdown” to loose and pliable! 

#BlasterSister Kelly D

You have NO IDEA the changes in overall health that occur when tissue goes from damaged to restored. In fact, in a Medical News Today piece that just so happens  to top the Google rankings for “what causes pain”, the article reports that pain and stress are: 

Doing Yoga

Whaaaaa %#^&. Tissue damage!? That’s the Ashley Black special served on a platter! If de-stressing, minimizing tension is this easy, then WE GOT THIS! And this week, with an awesome special! 


I wanted to feature our QuickStart Kit this week because it has every single tool and oil that you need to make FasciaBlasting full body or ANY part of your body EASY and EFFECTIVE. Read our Step-by-Step guide


Use the special code AMAZING2020 for this email only and receive a 50% discount, making a LIFETIME of FasciaBlasting for only $99! 

Quick Start Kit Only $99
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* Offer valid till 11:59 pm CST, May 24th 2020

I think a lot of people get paralyzed with the fear of little things: “Do I have the right tool?”, “Is this too good to be true?”, “I don’t know how to do it” and so on! So, whether you invest in the QuickStart Kit for you or someone you love, just know that I am here to stand by you every step of the way! Turn that fear into control and empowerment. 


Any tool is PERFECT to get started, but the Quick Start Kit gives you EVERYTHING you need for every Blaster technique! A Big tool for big body parts, a smaller tool for one-hand blasting, trigger point tips for stubborn spots, and samples of our fat-burning BlasterOil and recovery AfterBlaster cream. It’s never too late to REVERSE TISSUE damage so you can look and feel your best! I am here to answer your questions so you can ask me anything, or you can join a group of 350K women that have already gone before you; who will love and guide you all the way.


Come de-stress with us and begin your FasciaBlaster Journey TODAY! If you’re already experiencing the life-changing effects of being a #BLASTERFORLIFE, forward this email to someone you love; it might just make the difference they need in their lives! 

Love and Compassion - ALWAYS
Blast on!
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