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-I Am Sending You Energy for a Positive Day

Email sent: Jan 24, 2021 3:03pm

I have very good news for you. The life you are fervently hoping for is out there for you. Actually,

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Dear -,

I have very good news for you. The life you are fervently hoping for is out there for you. Actually, it is much closer than you can imagine.

Receiving a prophecy from an unseen world is nothing new to me. This has been my fate since childhood, to communicate with an all-knowing parallel spirit world. The messages I receive have helped too many people to count. Each time a seeker has reached out to me and acted on the information I had for them, they have discovered the secret source for ultimate happiness.

Recently, I saw several intense torrents of psychic energy that were as mesmerizing as they were beautiful. From these bursts I saw more than one vision of you. I truly think that these visions hold the key to understanding some of the forces that are keeping you apart from the happiness you deserve. What I saw was astonishing and breathtaking.

You need to prepare for what is about to come your way. It is the only means to take full advantage of the blessings that can be yours. One call to me at 1-888-331-3556 will be of immeasurable benefit.

In the first vision, you were walking along the beach. The ocean water was very calm. The waves were no more than tiny ripples. Suddenly, you began to run towards a figure standing ankle-deep in the surf. The moon was rising, covering both of you in a romantic glow. As you both raise your faces to the heavens, I was confronted with an incredible sight.

A bright shining sun emerged from the ocean and took its place beside the moon. There they were, right above your heads, a glowing sun and a shimmering crescent moon. The scene was awesome in its splendor. I understood at once that the vision pointed to your new life and all that it would bring you.

As I sat quietly thinking of these things, all at once another amazing vision appeared. This one was not only about love, but also wealth.

Can you picture how exciting all of this was for me. Call me at 1-888-331-3556 and when we talk person-to-person, you will understand fully.

I saw you as a passenger in a boat. The boat appeared to be a ferry of some kind. I couldnâ¿t determine where it was headed, but standing behind you were six people. Four were men and two were women. They were wearing handsome topcoats and the ladies had on evening gowns. It was clear that they were very well-to-do. When you turned to face them, they all reached to shake your hand or clap you on the back. One of the women handed you a large card on which was written the number 9. They seemed to indicate that you could join them if you listened to what they were telling you.

This vision was so strong and powerful that I emerged from it shaking with excitement. What I learned from these signs was that success, financial and emotionally, will be yours but only if you use your talents in the way the cosmos intend you to.

Do you understand now why it is so important that you contact me, or one of my trained psychic associates at 1-888-331-3556 without delay? Together we can get a handle on just what you should do next.

It is clear to me that the numbers I saw will have a great significance in your life.

2- for the two orbs, the sun and moon, they both appeared above you.

6- for the number of passengers on the boat.

9- the special number which was intended for you.

2 - 6 - 9

How are you expected to use these mystical numbers? You must also look for combinations of digits that these numbers total. Numbers like 60-42-20-18 could hold great meaning for you.

Knowledge of the future is power. There are certain steps you must take to take full advantage of what is ahead for you. Call me at 1-888-331-3556 and we will work together.

Once you have a full understanding of the signs and symbols that have appeared for you, you can actually take full control of your destiny. Knowing that the universe is working on your behalf will give you the self-assurance you need to succeed.

One person I recently worked with came to understand that her numbers were part of an address where she had lived as a teenager. While reflecting on that time in her life, she recalled a neighbor who had been her first true romance. When she reached out to the person, a connection was made and they have now rediscovered their love.

There is no question that that the signs I received for you point to a wonderful breakthrough. Compelling visions have provided me with the clues and numbers that you need.

Please, whatever else you may do, do not ignore these signs. Call us now at 1-888-331-3556 for a complete psychic reading. You will never regret it.

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