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Email sent: Nov 29, 2020 5:03pm

You see, I have come across some potent surges of energy in the universe whirling around you and I unintentionally internalized them

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Dear -,

You see, I have come across some potent surges of energy in the universe whirling around you and I unintentionally internalized them. By doing so, I feel that I have formed a powerful connection with you. I felt that you are presently in a state of great turmoil. You are at a point where you are completely burdened by troubling thoughts. Though you are coping with more than one issue, nothing is more stressful than your worries about money. Things beyond the scope of your control have sent you in a direction that has felt more like survival than living the life you were meant to lead.

I would like to discuss all of this with you personally, today. With only a single phone call to 1-888-331-3755 you can begin heading down a more positive pathway.

I am afraid that you may be so disheartened at the moment that you may not be willing to accept that your luck is about to change. It has been such a long time since you felt optimistic and excited. You have almost lost all hope for the future. When the day is done no matter how hard life has been for you, specifically in the last four months time, you remain a beautiful, sweet and kind person. I believe the universe is, at last, planning on sending some good karma your way. It will arrive to you in an unexpected manner.

The best way to prepare yourself for these events is with knowledge through an individual psychic reading right now at 1-888-331-3755. I can give you that knowledge.

From my point of view, these cosmic events that are encompassing you are directly in line with the life plan you were meant to follow. You are different than other people. You are destined for a bigger purpose in life, a wealthier life filled with greater comforts. I am not just referring to money. I am alluding to personal, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. These concepts were very apparent and exceptionally strong in the powerful visions of you I have only just experienced. I will rely on these visions to guide you to your true destiny and to discover life's riches. My trusted team of master psychics and I eagerly await your contact.

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