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Email sent: Feb 13, 2020 9:10am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

We have not yet met, but it is very important for me to talk to you today. The message I have for you is one that simply can not wait.

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Dear -,

We have not yet met, but it is very important for me to talk to you today. The message I have for you is one that simply can not wait. I have a fascinating message I wish to share with you.

This is why I have decided to reach out to you today. I had a dream last night that strongly affected me. This dream was incredibly vivid and emotional. The feelings it evoked in me remained long after the details of the dream began to fade. I now know you were the focal point of my dream. I wish to help you right now. Allow me to share with you the insights the universe has provided to me through this unique dream.

Please call me immediately at1-888-493-1541to discuss the details of my vivid dream about you.

In my dream I was walking along a river in the rainforest.

The light shone down through the canopy. As I approached this ray of light, I noticed a leather bound journal lying there. I picked them up and started to examine it. I was immediately captivated its message.

I suddenly had all of the answers. The knowledge and wisdom of the universe was revealed in these entries. It was at this moment of discovery when I awoke.

I quickly grabbed my laptop, which I keep beside my bed for such times when I’ve received an important message from the cosmos in my sleep.

Within minutes, I had lost much of the knowledge I had discovered, but one image stayed with me. It was a vision of you.

I know that you have been asking for help and hoping to find the solutions. The universe sent me this dream so I could provide the answers to all of your greatest fears and problems.

Don’t let this chance pass you by. This could be the help from beyond that you have been waiting for. I wish to share my amazing gift with you. You only need to reach out for it.

It is so important for you talk to me or one of my psychic advisors today. Call us now at1-888-493-1541

Allow me to guide you as you make the next critical decision that could affect the course of your whole life. This decision will need to be made soon. Prepare yourself and do not let it catch you off guard. The answers you have been seeking could be yours.

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