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A frog as big as a baby? You've got to see this

Email sent: May 5, 2021 3:15am
Plus, have you ever seen a scallop swim or a fish living inside a jelly... well you need to!

Hairy-nosed wombat numbers grow to over 300 in Queensland

Conservationists in Queensland are cautiously celebrating after the population of the northern hairy-nosed wombat surpassed 300.
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This is one very large frog

Meet Cornufer guppyi, a gigantic frog of the Solomon Islands.
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The doughboy scallop looks like disembodied dentures covered in muppet hair

There’s more to the humble scallop than you may think.
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What are ‘internal waves’ that possibly sank the Indonesian sub?

If you’ve ever suffered plane turbulence, you’ve been inside one.
‘Super-highways’ First Australians used to cross ancient land, mapped

Scientists have advanced our knowledge about the most likely routes those early Australians travelled as they peopled the continent.

Bizarre photo of a fish in a jellyfish

Byron Bay photographer Tim Samuel didn’t quite know what he was seeing when he snapped this incredible image of a fish in a very bizarre predicament – seemingly trapped inside a jellyfish.
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From zesty tree ants to peanut-buttery bogong moths: 4 reasons insects could become a staple

With the global population predicted to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 insects may become a vital food resource.

Aus Geo Adventure is on sale now!

This issue is packed with inspirational content, including an amazing activity-packed five days in the Shoalhaven region of the NSW South Coast, a short and sweet bikepacking weekend in the Blue Mountains, an outback epic through the Great Sandy Desert, a trek to the highest peak in Morocco, a monster guide to Canada’s amazing Northwest Territories, and loads more. 

Inside, there’s also 12 gear tests on the latest kit and expert advice on alpine climbing, outback travel and outdoor fitness. Yep, it’s another chock-full issue of inspiration, brilliant writing and awesome photography.

Issue 5, on sale now!
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Visit the Shoalhaven for an elemental reconnection

Water, earth, smoke and fire interweave on the Shoalhaven Coast of NSW to create the perfect storm of rejuvenation and adventure.
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Tropical North Queensland road trips:
3 of the best

Tropical North Queensland is a brilliant road trip destination for the adventurous traveller. Check out three of our favourites!
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Bucket List Adventures

Here's an exciting adventure for nature-lovers and visitors to the central west NSW town of Forbes. The Gum Swamp Wetland is an ephemeral wetland that offers a habitat for numerous native wildlife and vegetation. It’s only four kilometres south-west of the centre of Forbes, just off the Newell Highway (entry is via Greens Road) and you will be transported into a birdwatcher’s wonderland. 
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Here's how to get fit for adventure

Adventure fitness expert Joe Bonington explains the importance –and the hows and whys – of the correct training needed to ensure you’re fit for your next challenge.

Macpac Olympus tent: Tested

The Macpac Olympus could be the one hiking tent for all seasons. Aus Geo Adventure puts it to the test.

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Protecting our giant Earthworms: Beverley van Praagh

Reaching up to 3m in length, the giant Gippsland earthworm may be the world's largest of its kind. Often mistaken for a snake due to its size, this creature can only be found in a few locations in Victoria.

The worms are under serious pressure by agricultural use of their habitat so, for the last 30 years, ecologist Beverley van Praagh and her team at the Giant Earthworm Project have been working closely with the Victorian government and local farmers to find ways to ensure the survival of this fascinating species.
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Help us save the bilby

This marsupial species was already under threat of extinction when recent and prolonged drought periods in Australia's already hot, dry arid regions placed it under extra pressure.

Arid Recovery in South Australia aims to boost the resilience of bilby populations through breeding and research programs that improve genetic diversity.

This work will help bilbies survive increasingly hot summers by providing targeted food and water at key times and will also study how bilbies recognise and avoid quolls as native predators.

It's hoped that 'quoll-smart' bilbies can eventually be taught to also be 'cat-smart'.

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