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Up To 25% OFF Wheel & Tire Care! | FREE Shipping Over $50 | Featured Wheel Care Guide!

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It’s Time to Up Your Wheel Care Game!
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It’s Time to Up Your Wheel Care Game!
Wheel care isn't easy. Well, that's only if you don't have the right products and tools for the job. And it's no surprise that we carry everything you need to get the job done right!

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Wheel & Tire Care Guide
Featuring DP Detailing Products!

Tire & Wheel Car Guide - DP Detailing Products

When you talk to just about any detailer, the conversation always steers towards paint care. The magic of paint restoration with the perpetual thrill of chasing the perfect shine is obviously easy to obsess over. Surprisingly, wheel care always seems to be left as a neglected topic. Yet, without it, you’ll never really achieve a show car shine. The odd part of this is that wheel care is easily one of the most challenged aspects of vehicle care.

Your wheels and tires are constantly under assault from the worst contamination. Each trip down the highways delivers a contamination cocktail of grease, tar, oils, and other byproduct of the traveling vehicles. This, along with the brake dust from your very own car can cause drastic issues for your wheels if neglected.

So, what are you to do? That is, aside from locking car away in a protective bubble and switching over to a pair of Skechers? You need to put a layer of protection on to shield you from wheel degradation - and DP Detailing Products has that solution! Let’s show you how easy protecting your tires and wheels can be!

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Tire & Wheel Care - On Sale Now!

To keep your wheels and tires looking good, you need a high performance wheel cleaner and tire protectant. Modern wheels present a substantial challenge, as heated dust particles from brake pads bombard the wheel and bake into the finish. If left on the wheel, a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion sets in, which will eventually destroy your wheel's appearance. A high quality wheel cleaner used regularly will eliminate brake dust and grime.

Tire & Wheel Detailing
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DP Detailing Products

DP Car Care

Spring, 1998. A group of dedicated detailers launched a brand of car care products that shook the industry out of a sleep. Detailer’s Pride was introduced as a line of products to exceed the expectations of professionals and shine in the eyes of the enthusiast. Over 20 years later, it’s no surprise that DP achieved this goal with great success. Detailer’s Prides continued its dedication

to innovation and quality by relaunching its entire brand in 2011 as Detailer’s Pro, or DP for short. Equipped with a new look, name, and a fresh line of products, Detailer’s Pro continued to reign as the go-to choice for quality detailing products.

Now, spring forward to 2020 and you’ll see an entirely new take on DP’s dedication to surface enhancement technology. With new chemical formulations to stay on the forefront of the industry, packaged into a new modern design, and now dubbed as Detailing Products; without any further ado, allow us to formally introduce you to the all-new DP line!

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