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Do you feel constant high energy?  If not, here's why

Email sent: Feb 13, 2020 7:59 am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

We are covering the OPTIMUM fuel types for your body. Used by ultramarathon runners & performance leaders to generate HUGE CONTINUAL ENERGY.
Hi !

How are you energy levels?  Are you on a constant level of high energy all day, or does your energy slump?  Or do you have much energy at all?

Well, in the last email I spoke about the THREE different types of FUEL (plus a secret one!)

Use the wrong ones and your energy and mood will be all over the place, not to mention being exhausted in the evenings.

However, use the right ones and you will have continual high energy and mood all day and all evening.  The implications of this on your career, your relationships, your health, your experience of life are incredible.

As a recap, in the last email we advised that you cut out refined sugar and processed foods as much as possible; and swap white carbs for slow burn carbs (unrefined, wholemeal grains, rice, etc.)

In this email we are covering the OPTIMUM fuel types for your body.  These are used by ultramarathon runners, performance leaders, top coaches and business people to generate HUGE CONTINUAL ENERGY.

The third of these are HEALTHY FATS.

Fat is the cleanest and most abundant fuel your body can use. It provides very high sustained energy.  The body makes ketones out of fat which is the ideal fuel for the body.
Your body will always use glucose first, but it’s a bit like throwing kindling onto a fire; it’s limited. Glucose will give you a quick burst of energy that’ll be gone in a second.  On the other hand, fats are akin to the coals on a fire that give out long lasting sustainable heat. 
By removing sugars and refined carbohydrates (like white pasta and bread) you’ll open up fat as a fuel that your body can use. And then you can supply your body with an abundant source of healthy fats.
TIP - Pour healthy fats over the slow burn carbs, it slows down their absorption even more AND at the same time provides healthy energy AND huge health benefits from omega oils.
That’s why I’d recommend you use 10ml of Udo’s Oil with each meal, to get a perfect blend of Organic Omega Oils to fuel your body, which you can get here.
Hope that all makes sense!
The next email will reveal the BIG secret that’s taking energy to the next level.

Until then, have a great day!
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It shows you the fundamental steps and the special order in which to apply them to produce profound changes fast. We have made the steps SIMPLE, EASY, DAILY HABITS that anyone can apply and make part of their life.  So, the changes really stick.
You will wake up each day bursting with energy, have that abundant energy sustain throughout the day, cultivate a body you are proud of and a vibrancy and enthusiasm that will drive you unstoppably towards the life of your dreams.
So, get your FREE GUIDE today and join thousands of others that have transformed their health and their life.
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